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New Flower Varieties Exhibition held by Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd

Date:2016-03-13Source :未知 Click:
Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd as one of the agents of Syngenta company in China, a large number of new varieties of Syngenta's flowers was launched at the show that attracted the attention of visitors. Dream drunk butterfly flower flame series and robust Periwinkle karaoke series become the focus of the show, the two series has excellent performance in the Beijing Olympic Games, and be and be used in the 2010 Asian Games in Guangzhou. New sweetheart series of petunia which have fullness plant type and closely flowers, also attracted the attention of many growers. According to the seed department project manager --Huang Yan Qun ,that variety has good heat resistance, suitable for use in the summer. In addition, Syngenta marigold、pansy corner、zinnia、 Begonia and so on been a perfect show.
The aim of Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd for the its customer, customer service”also has a good expression at the show .Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd offer a free showcase for the growers to promote their grow products in Guangdong province. Additionally, the company try to introduce other companies flower varieties on display, in order to providing advantages.


  Clients View the new varieties in the exhibition site.
                                                                       Photo by Mrs.Ho


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