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Excellent equipment is the promise of produce seedling -Interview

Date:2016-03-13Source:维生农业 Click:558

If you come to Guangdong to seek for flower, Chencun Flower World must be the place you cannot miss. At Chencun Flower World, it have a company which is famous for its Seedling breeding & Greenhouse construction, that is Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd. When mention about Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd., reporters do not feel strange. The Flower Product area of Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd. are enough to explain the influenced of this company around this industry. When walking into the Seedling breeding Greenhouse, you can have a scene with this: Excellent Equipment, Superior technology, Green Seedling Breeding, everywhere is full of vitality.
Excellent equipment explain power.
Walk into the gate of Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd., you will attracted by its Billboard, it write on a line of word as: Excellent equipment is the promise of produce seedling quality & confidence. General manager "Li Huayang" said that is want to tell clients the reason why the seedling quality we produced are so excellent. Since Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd. was establish on 2001, the selling percent of the seedling are increased year be year. Mr. Lee said:”When company just established, most of the flowers had to planted by themselves, and the company seedling sales volume just occupies 10% of annual output, now occupies above 90%, it’s enough to explain the confidence of client toward our seedling quality”
Seedling Breeding Equipment: Mr. Lee with reporters into the Seedling Breeding Greenhouse, it have two Seedling Breeding Equipment set in the side of the entrance attract the reporter’ attention. He told the reporter, the Seedling Breeding Equipment was imported from Australia when company was establish in 2001, and it cost 900 thousand RMB per set at that time, more worth to say is currently this is the only two “Australia import seedling lines equipment” on the whole Guangzhou area. Reporter express puzzled: whether the initial investment is too large? Mr Lee said: Just as the billboard said ”Excellent equipment ensure quality.” --Give customers more confidence in our products. Mr Lee also said the device is equivalent to the efficiency of 50-80 employees. Nowadays, employees’ salaries are keep rising, reporter was admire for the wise decision Mr.Lee made ten years ago.
Construct Greenhouse: We also specialize in construct Greenhouse. The high of our Greenhouse is 8 meters, and the normal Greenhouse is just 5-6 meters high. Mr. Lee said it can reinforce the air circulation inside the greenhouse so that the cool down effect is more better and flowers can get enough Illumination. In addition, each Greenhouse has its irrigation system, you just need to set up the speed, the system can automatically water plants and atomized spray watering evenly. It can not only save labor, but also can avoid the seedling harm of unevenly watering.
Ever details show scientific.
Trolley: You can see the transport equipment-trolley everywhere inside the greenhouse. Mr.Lee said no matter it’s seeding product or flower product, effectiveness is very important. Each trolley with 5 laminates cost 1000RMB, but it can save amount labor. If allow, it should widespread around the greenhouse.
Cardboard: When you walk through the seeding beg, you can see many cardboard there. Each side of the cardboard has 2 holes, use to hole the trays. The cardboard calls movable partitions, which can protect the seedling from injury.
Side windows: Normal greenhouse just has one side windows, but our greenhouse has two side windows. When it is too wet or the temperature is too high, it can speed up the air circulation.
Science and technology is the primary productive. Excellent equipment and technology are important for flower product industry, maybe you just change a small detail, but the production efficiency is greatly improved. Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd. Invested large amounts of funds in introduction and use of advanced equipment in the early stage. It’s not only reflects the strength of enterprises, but also reflects the producer's product positioning and business ideas.


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