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"Burning Money" to protect flower

Date:2016-03-13Source:维生农业 Click:547

Flowers little expensive in this year

Did not build greenhouses more than ten years, and this year the temperature is lower, a larger difference of temperature between day and night, so you have to build greenhouse to ensure that peony blossoming is period on time in Spring Festival. "
-----------Zhao Xingwu from Shendong Heze
“In order to ensure flower blossoming is period on time before the Spring Festival, I have to add $20,000 to burn diesel fuel every day. Heating costs are indeed higher than last year.”
-----------Chen Changrong, person in charge of Taiwan enterprises.
“Currently, the coal input have spent 50 million, and the cost of coal at last year just 20 million.”
According to the weather forecast said, the temperature will be cool down again, and the orchid supplier He Lizhen had order a number of coal.
Chencun Flower Fair will be held in January 22 to February 1, In recent days, reporters found that each field has been filled with flowers. One of the flower farm owner said, the business of flower in this year came earlier than usual, many people had order it very early.
Except of Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium hybridium etc traditional varieties, this year also added some new strange varieties. Such as the Sea flower, which can soaked in water for half a year, and a orchid variety can hang in the air, live by absorb the nutrient and water around the air. In addition, also have Western Peony, which the florescence can up to one month.
Due to the price raise of past year and the low temperature of current, the prices of the Greenhouse Planting variety -- Phalaenopsis, Cymbidium hybridium was general increase 10 to 20%.

Phalaenopsis opening price is one percent higher than last year
Phalaenopsis is another major Lunar New Year flower varieties, reporters in the flowers world Phalaenopsis main store Todayorchid Co.,Ltd find that 7000-8000 pots Phalaenopsis has been placed in the 30,000-square-meter exhibition hall.
Todayorchid Co.,Ltd is a Taiwan enterprises, which mainly foster Phalaenopsis. The left hall of the showroom is Today’s Phalaenopsis cultivation workshop. Company representative Chen Changrong said, he will be listed on 600,000 Phalaenopsis in this year, hot red flower series will be out of stock this year; and yellow series due to the cold weather, some of flower has not been properly blossom out.
In another Phalaenopsis main store----Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd, the company vice president Heli Zhen issued the same feeling, she said that in order to protect the Phalaenopsis, the company adopted a coal-fired boiler heating way.
"Before the Spring Festival this year, in Guangdong market the liquidity of Phalaenopsis probably 6 million, of which Chen Cun, Fangcun are about 4 million, Shenzhen is about 1.5 million, Meizhou, Chaozhou market is about 500,000." He Lizhen told reporters that this year there is a tendency Phalaenopsis Supply, large companies is relatively less, but on small family is relatively more.
For the prices, Mrs. He expects, due to recent Guangdong orchid cultivation technology was more promotion than the past years, the quality is getting better, as well as labor, transportation, insulation costs, phalaenopsis plant in this year will be higher than the price of about 10% -15% .

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