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Floral Supply: in batches delivered to Guangzhou

Date:2016-03-13Source:维生农业 Click:464


In this week, there dozens of ten thousand potted flower began to loading in Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd nursery. According to the required of the Asian Games Organizing Committee, all kinds of flowers have to delivered before 5th next month. For Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd, “We need to transport 150,000 potted flower in average daily. And we have to finished the loading within one hours. According to number of the different attractions, we equipped with different length car type for it.” Sale Department Manager Mrs. Xu said.
Guangdong speedling Co.,Ltd supply varieties included Petunias, Maidenhair, Vinca etc. According to the introduction by Mrs, Xu, why they chose those varieties, is for the reason that those flowers are blooming at this time.
“So many flower was required to centralized supply, the workload was increase suddenly, the original staff is not enough.” Wanglin Company representative said. In order to well finished the supplied work, they employs more than 100 migrant workers, mainly responsible for the planting work, and also employs 100 agricultural professional interns from universities, they mainly responsible for the sowing technical aspects work.

But after enter the summer, Guangdong Province had suffered from several typhoons, increasing the difficulty of potted flower cultivate, partly seedlings because of flooding was even damaged, but fortunately the two companies had already prepared for it. At the same time, due to the partly flower required to stereoscopic display, so it must be planted in peat soil. "The soil is light weight, has both hydrophobic, ventilation etc functions, more suitable for stereoscopic display needs."
We expect these flowers will be displayed in the landscape, to show the world the beauty of the Flower City.

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