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Congratulations to Guangdong to become the United States living Buddha Luo Kang CRFs Chinese area general agent

Date:2016-03-13Source:维生农业 Click:502

  China is the world's largest fertilizer consumer market, annual sales of up to 1.2 tons of chemical fertilizer, but the average fertilizer utilization rate is only about 30%, far behind the level of developed countries in Europe and the United states. Due to excessive fertilization fertilizer waste direct losses of up to more than fifty billion, fertilizer loss indirect losses caused by environmental pollution are incalculable. Coated controlled-release fertilizer nutrient utilization rate is high, safety and environmental protection, in recent years the rapid development of the market in Europe and America, but in China has just started, the market has great potential for development. The Buddha Luo Kang company is very optimistic about the prospects for the development of China controlled-release fertilizer, and Guangdong. The company entered into a strategic alliance, since 2013 officially entered the market Chinese.


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